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You’ve wanted to represent your neighborhood on the association board, serve on a school committee, be part of a nonprofit board or city/county commission but just didn’t feel like you knew how things worked—and didn’t want to embarrass yourself. Ready to Lead brings together a small group of people to teach the basics of how to participate in and lead meetings, what to expect and how to contribute in a meaningful way, and the roles and responsibilities of board/committee volunteers. You’ll graduate feeling confident with your new skills; have a community mentor, and an expanded network of friends.

This training is designed for historically under-represented people who wish to serve on nonprofit/government boards, committees, task forces, commissions, and other work groups. We seek to increase both the diversity of skilled people ready to serve and the inclusiveness of organizations who deliver services in the community. Participants also have a program mentor.

There is no cost to participants although we ask people to commit to attending all four sessions which average three hours each. Training dates for the spring session will be announced soon. Each session begins with a meal and conversation. The final session includes a meal, conversation and networking with currently serving board/commission members and organizations seeking skilled new members such as you.

Criteria for Participation

  1. Resident of Olmsted County
  2. Desire to serve on a board, commission, committee, or task group of a nonprofit, school, governmental entity, house of faith, or other similar opportunities in the next two years
  3. Ability to attend all four scheduled training sessions (see dates above)
  4. A member of an under-represented group in community leadership
  5. Complete and submit this Participant Information form

General Information

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